PugSync for Medium - FAQ

What is PugSync for Medium?

PugSync for Medium is a simple and easy-to-use Shopify app that allows you to import your Medium publications into your Shopify store and directly make them available to all your customers in ONE-CLICK!

Your Medium articles can be added as blog posts to any existing Shopify existing blog or to a freshly newly created blog of your choice.

"Auto PugSync" feature automatically imports new articles posted on your Medium RSS feed!

Improve your shop SEO by benefiting from your articles directly published and displayed on your Shopify store.

You don't want your customers to read your articles on Shopify? It's not your jam? We got you covered! You can choose to redirect your customers on your Medium publication instead by simply clicking one option.


How do I start synchronizing my Medium publications?

Once subscribed, you are presented with a very simple dashboard. In the "Settings" panel, there is a field named "Medium URL". In this field, you can paste the URL to your Medium profile (example: https://medium.com/@USERNAME) or to your Medium publication page (example: https://medium.com/PUBLICATION_NAME).

The second step is to select the blog in which your Medium publications are imported to. We have created a default blog called "Medium", but you can choose an existing blog or create a new one!

The last option allows you to either redirect your users to Medium to read your articles, or to let them read your Medium publications as blog posts on your Shopify online store.

Note: Make sure to have the rights to reuse the content of the publications imported from Medium before synchronizing a Medium feed.

What is Manual Sync?

If you do not want your Medium publications to be imported automatically and have Auto PugSync set to disabled, you can import your Medium articles by clicking the "Sync manually" button.

Once the button clicked, we synchronize your articles and let you know how many new articles have been imported.

Note that Medium only lets us import your last 10 publications.

How does Auto PugSync work?

It's simple and cool! This option, if enabled, automatically synchronizes your Medium publications with your Shopify blogging system. As soon as a new article is published on your Medium feed, it is synchronized and displayed on your Shopify online store!

Auto PugSync runs on a cycle, so we display in the Dashboard the last time we tried to import your articles.

How do I synchronize all my previous Medium articles?

Our new "Bulk Import" feature lets you import your posts exported from Medium. Follow the instructions provided by Medium on how to export your data. Once you have downloaded the ZIP archive sent by Medium, click on the "Import" button in our App and select the ZIP file. The App should start importing your posts asynchronously. Note that this action may take a few minutes depending on the number of posts you are importing. This feature will not import articles set as Draft and will ignore articles that you have already imported using PugSync for Medium.

I want to cancel my subscription

We are sad to see you go. But if you want to cancel your subscription, you can click on the "Cancel my subscription" button in the "Cancel your subscription" panel and confirm your decision. As a result, your billing cycle is interrupted.